Set 8 GAMPI A4 size

Selection of 8 handmade and mechanical Gampi.

Support: Color chart and test - engraving - fine art photography - conservation restoration - calligraphy.

1 sheet per reference. Each sheet is referenced.

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27,00 €

1 gampi Haini 12gsm Natural [MM]

1 gampi usuyo 12gsm White [MM]

1 gampi Natural 13gsm [HM]

1 gampi Shiga 18g Naturel [HM]

1 gampi Shikibu 23gsm White  [HM]

1 gampi Izumi 36gsm Natural [HM]

1 gampi Hosokawa M5 40gsm Natural [HM]

1 gampi Kitakata 90g Naturel [MM]


Gampi or ganpishi 雁皮紙 (*) 

(*) The fiber of a plant close to Gentian composes this remarkable paper. The term Gampi refers to the skin of the wild goose to evoke the feeling of softness to the touch and the slightly pearly appearance on one side.

Support for engraving and calligraphy, it is also suitable for the development of fine art photography.



Livraison en France, dans l'Union européenne, en Outre-mer et dans plus de 80 pays hors UE !