SHIN INBE Awagami 110g/m² 13 colors

cm 21x29.7 A4 Format

Hemp and bamboo - 110g / m2 - 15 colors (2 sheets per color)

Finely-eased Japanese paper on a rough face and lightened with the other with Nuagux appearance.

Usage and Support: Inkjet Print  - Engraving - Calligraphy - Sumi Ink - Pastel - Origami.

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25,00 €

Although lessed rough, touching the shin inbe is nice, it manipulates ease: origami and binding. Finally it is ideal for pastel, calligraphy. Fall nice.
Pure White - White Pearl - Cream - Gray Pearl - Yellow - Apricot - Cherry Red - Red Fonça - Tilleul - Brown - Taupe - Bamboo - Old Rose - Ultramarine - Black.
Shin Inbe is the factory of the Japanese factory of Awagami©.

Delivery in the European Union, overseas and in more than 80 countries outside the EU.