Sampler of Japanese paper rolls

24 test format A4 sheets (cm 21x29,7)

These papers have unique properties of mechanical strength. They retain their color and are resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Each of them is referenced.

Updated: June 15, 2023




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178911 Fuji 3g/m2100% kozo cm 100x10 meters
178821 Tengucho 9g/m2 100% kozo cm 100x10 meters
2001700R Haini gampi 12g/m² cm 100x10 meters ou # 2005 300R Gampi Usuyo  12g/m²
200S200 Sangoku 19g/m² white cm 100x60 meters
17881100 Sudare 17g/m² cm 110x20 meters
200022 Sekishu natural 20g/m² cm 96x60 meters
198.005 Shoin-white 30g/m2 cm 96x50 meters
2003100 Kozo neri 35g/m2 cm 96x60meters
1986110 Kitakata 36 g/m² Gampi 96x10meters
198202 Kozo-light cream 40g/m2 cm 80x20 meters
2004011 Kozo Sekishu Usukuchi 40g/m2 natural cm 100x62 meters
198036 Kozo-white Awagami 42g/m2 cm 97 x 10 meters
198033 Kozo-natural Awagami 42g/m2 cm 96x10 meters
198023 Kozo-ivory Kyoto 45g/m2 cm 100x50 meters
178245 Okawara pro natural 70g/m² 96x10 meters
198.0925 Kozo-white Awagami 70g/m2 cm 97x10 meters
198.0935 Kozo-Natural Awagami 70g/m2 cm 97x10 meters
2000980 Hada torinoko 75g/m² cm 96x50 meters
1984433 Kozo-Natural Kochi 83g/m² cm 100x50 meters
1985111 Shiramine matt white 110g/m2 cm 118 x 10 meters
178A28 Asa rakusui 27g/m2 hemp 100% cm 120 x 10 meters
1980113 Ginwashi 34g/m2 hemp straw cm 100x10 meters
17821150 Kinwashi 55g/m2 hemp cm 97x10 meters
1989112 Harukishi 80g/m2 Unryu cm 100x10 meters
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