FUJI 3g/m² Roll Natural

By the meter, roll width 100 cm - Natural Kozo - 100% Kozo - pH 7
Washi used for the restoration of graphic works.
The fiber kozo is cooked on a sodium salt basis.
Very light, this paper has unique properties of mechanical resistance.

The size of a full roll: 100 cm x 10 m


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20,60 €

  • Washi 3 g / m2 - 100% Kozo (thins fibers of Japanese mulberry). Unbleached paper.
    It is used in the restoration and conservation of books, violin making, interfacing in model making.
    This 3g / m2 Japanese paper is probably the lightest in the world. The natural shade is retained.
    With a neutral pH, this paper is also suitable for the conservation of works of art (canvas, manuscript) and for archiving photographic documents.

Delivery in the European Union, overseas and in more than 80 countries outside the EU.