Japanese thin twisted paper yarn 1/40

Japanese thin paper yarn - 100% Long Fiber Hemp. Natural color.

Diameter: 0.25 mm - Torsion / resistance: 750 rpm - 2.5 grams per 109 yards.

Bobbin of  164 , 273  and 546 yards

Made in Japan.


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13,50 €

Japanese paper yarns are often compared to silk for the quality of confection and comparable properties: Cooling in summer and warming in winter.

Washi thread can be knitted in single or double strand, or combined with cotton for instance.

It can be dyed (bathed in 90°C/hour water)

Responds to decoration projects (lighting, embroidery on wall paper) but is equally used in art binding and assembly.

Interesting properties of Japanese paper yarn. - No lint - Water resistance strong enough to be washed・Highly absorbent and quick-drying. Gentle on the skin.

Certified under Oeko-Tex Class 1 (a global safety standard for yarns)
Excellent air permeability
Cool feeling like summer clothes
Lightweight and heat retention for winter wear
Versatility suitable for composites with other fibers such as cotton


Regarding the material (hemp):

- High durability:  fast growing plant (3 years to mature)
- Excellent carbon dioxide absorber
- No chemical fertilizers or pesticides used
- Biodegradable (broken down into carbon dioxide and water by soil microorganisms)
- Generated no toxic substances when incinerated