INGRES Rouge 130g/m2

cm 65x50. Sa surface vergée accroche les pigments.

Le papier Ingres pastel est utilisé pour le dessin au fusain, au pastel sec et la sanguine. Il convient également en page de garde d'album et de livre. Teintes unies et effets sablés.

Clairefontaine - 130g/m² .


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Ingres paper is a type of drawing paper. its weight is light to medium. Its main characteristic is the laid finish that recalls the imprint of the regular sieve of a paper manufacturer's mold. Ingres is not necessarily a handmade paper, but reproduces the properties of laid paper. Ingres paper is often used for drawing in charcoal and pastel. It is also used as a cover in the binding. the main brands manufacturing this type of paper are clairefontaine© and Fabriano©.