10 A6 sized postcards japanese kozo handmade Saitama

10 A6-sized postcards - 100% Japanese Kozo Paper - 110gsm
Deckled edges. These entirely handmade cards are perfectly suited for writing, ink, and printing.
Usage: writing, sumi-e, calligraphy, watercolor, drawing, and inkjet printing.

An additional printed eleventh card completes the set.

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One smooth and soft side achieved through pressing; the other side is rougher, fluffy, and has a laid finish in the landscape direction of the card.

Every step from mulberry harvesting to the production of this paper is environmentally friendly.

The manufacturing process of Hosokawa paper is highly artisanal and utilizes high-quality natural materials such as paper mulberry (kozo), hemp (asa), and mulberry bark (gampi). The fibers are beaten with wooden mallets until they become soft enough to be transformed into paper. Then, the fibers are mixed with water and filtered through a special bamboo sieve called "su."

The resulting paper is then dried in the sun and hand-polished to create a smooth and uniform surface. The manufacturing process of Hosokawa paper is highly demanding and time-consuming, often taking several weeks to produce a high-quality sheet of paper

Delivery in the European Union, overseas and in more than 80 countries outside the EU.