cm 85x56.5 — 100% kozo japonais - Liant végétal et amidon de Konnyaku.(*)

Teinte naturelle - 4 bords frangés. flexible et solide.

Usage et support : arts plastiques - teinture - luminaire - reliure - sac. 

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Pronounced mo-me-gô ́me (with little if any stress on the accent),
momigami is a pure vegetable product made from paper and
starch, with no animal skin or gelatin content. Ideal results can
be obtained by using strong, long-fibered handmade paper.
Traditional momigami is made by applying paste to a strong,
handmade kozo paper, wrinkling and kneading the paper, then
allowing it to dry. Momigami’s rich texture combines the com-
plexity of entangled fibers with millions of wrinkles, creating
a paper with the soul of a well-traveled road. Running your
fingers across its surface, you might think you are feeling the
rich surface of leather. Articles of clothing or wallets made of
momigami will weather and change with use. Its high ridges
garner a smooth polish, softening and becoming infused with
a rich patina