Washi cm 97x63 - 100% mitsumata fiber.

Fully handmade Japanese paper. Natural hue.

Kochi prefecture.

Use and support: Intaglio - printing - art photo printing - calligraphy - binding & restoration.



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22,00 €

100% Mitsumata - The sheet is dried naturally on slanted wooden boards. The marks of the pontuseaux and the verger wires are visible on one side.

Both Mitsumata and Gampi are rare plant essences. Mitsumata usually produces glossy and smooth papers that are denser and very soft.

The high quality of this sheet is due to the natural drying time on wooden panels.

This paper is used for art photo prints - Very absorbent, it highlights the details of a print and an intaglio engraving. It is also used in the restoration of old works.