Derwent® tinted charcoal pencil BILBERRY Maximize

Derwent® tinted charcoal pencil BILBERRY

Bilberry -  TC09

The Derwent® charcoal pencil mixed with colored pigments is ideal for details or color highlights.

21 subtle dyes - round body. lead Ø 4mm.
The texture of willow charcoal and the precision of the pencil.

Lightfast, colors stay the same for 100 years in museum storage conditions.


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2,70 €

Derwent® Tinted Charcoal Pencils blend a tint with the depth of natural charcoal. This professional range comes in 21 shades, ideal for adding details and color highlights to charcoal drawings.
Adding pigments to this type of charcoal pencil does not change the characteristic “darkness” of charcoal.

Derwent Tinted Charcoal pencils allow you to master the line for precise, smudge-free drawing. They can be sharpened for detailed work, faded or blended for a wide range of effects. They can alternately bring sharp or soft outlines to the same drawing.

There are few products on the market comparable to Derwent tinted charcoal pencils. Most behave more like pastel, with a relatively low ratio of charcoal to pigment.
The primary difference between the two products is that tinted charcoal is translucent and lets the paper show through, while pastel is opaque. Charcoal lays down a thin layer while pastel is more dense in color upon application.