FABRIANO Cartacrea 220g/m2 Anthracite Maximize

FABRIANO Cartacrea 220g/m2 Anthracite

A4 Format - [nero] - Même teinte dans la masse et en surface ; une face lisse, l'autre vergé. Couleurs vives.

Réf. Fabriano :42450722 Ferro.

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Cartacrea 220 g / m2 [Elle Ere] from the Italian papermaker Fabriano offers perfect resistance to light and aging.

Support: Drawing, acrylic, gouache, ink, collage, framing, printing, binding.

Ecological product made in Italy with hydro-electric energy: Fabriano has the possibility of exploiting completely renewable energy sources, thanks to the course of 2 rivers (Giano and Potenza). In the Pioraco plant, the production of this type of energy supplied more than 60% of the need. Thanks to the use of this type of energy, we save 14,000,000 m3 of methane and 26,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, in full compliance with the Kyoto protoco.

Emballage soigné et envoi rapide par les-papiers-de-Lucas.

Livraison en France, dans l'Union européenne, en Outre-mer et dans plus de 80 pays hors UE !