KYOSEISHI 88g/m2 Rouge Maximize

KYOSEISHI 88g/m² Red

cm 60x90 - 40% Kozo.

High-quality Japanese paper - Handmade Momi gami and naturally dried - 4 fringed edges.

Very durable.

Use and support: Wall decoration - lighting fixture - binding - styling - complex origami and sculpture - artistic collage - millinery.



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Dyed throughout and hand-pleated, this exceptional Japanese paper has the texture of crumpled and draped fabric. It is extremely water-resistant and can withstand significant handling. The paper pulp is soaked in Konnyaku(*) juice to make it both strong and flexible, able to resist rubbing, molding, and creasing. Its distinctive characteristics and touch make it a unique paper.

Ideal and original for book covers. Resilient, it is used for wall panels and in the making of bags.

Pronounced (kee oh sé shi).

(*) Yam root.

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