INGRES Jaune 130g/m2 Maximize

INGRES Jaune 130g/m2

cm 65x50. Its laid surface catches the pigments. 130g/m²

Ingres pastel paper is used for charcoal, dry pastel and sanguine drawing. It is also suitable as an album and book cover page. Plain colors and sanded effects.


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Ingres paper is a type of drawing paper. its weight is light to medium. Its main characteristic is the laid finish that recalls the imprint of the regular sieve of a paper manufacturer's mold. Ingres is not necessarily a handmade paper, but reproduces the properties of laid paper. Ingres paper is often used for drawing in charcoal and pastel. It is also used as a cover in the binding. the main brands manufacturing this type of paper are clairefontaine© and Fabriano©.



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