Derwent Carmine Pink Inktense Block

Block watercolor ink and wax rectangular sticks.
Carmine pink 0520 ref Derwent® 2302047
Soft texture - length mm70 - section 8 mm. which can be reduced to pigment powder.
Derwent Inktense Sticks are watercolor pencils in water soluble stick form that deliver vivid, intense colors. colors can be mixed.

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3,10 €

Derwent's Inktense sticks are water-soluble, intense and vibrant colored crayons in the form of sticks. They are manufactured by Derwent, a well-known British manufacturer of high-quality art supplies for both professional and amateur artists.

Inktense sticks are made from a special formula that combines water-soluble ink pigments and wax, giving them unique properties. When used on dry paper, Inktense sticks produce rich and vibrant lines similar to traditional pencils. When mixed with water, the colors transform into permanent watercolor ink that can be blended, mixed, and layered to create a wide range of artistic effects, from transparent washes to opaque layers.

Inktense sticks are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including watercolor paper, cardboard, fabric, and more. They are popular among artists for drawing, illustration, painting, and other forms of artwork, offering a wide range of vibrant colors and ease of use.

It's important to note that Inktense sticks are permanent once they are dry, which means the colors do not dissolve in water once completely dry. This allows for layering of other colors or work on top of previous layers without colors mixing, offering many creative possibilities. However, this also means that caution should be exercised when applying colors, as they can be difficult to remove once dry.