Blockx Pigment Scarlet red quinacridone 100ml/30g



Pure fine pigment, free of fillers, and optimal lightfastness.

CHOICE BY FRACTION OF 10 GRAMS. Packaging in glass tube and cork stopper.

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8,80 €

Blockx pigments are meticulously crafted from carefully selected raw materials for their purity and color intensity. They are hand-ground slowly and meticulously using traditional techniques that preserve their quality and luminosity. The colors are formulated with high-quality binders, such as pure linseed oil, to ensure exceptional stability and durability.

One distinctive feature of Blockx pigments is their high concentration of pure pigments, which results in incredibly intense colors. They also exhibit excellent lightfastness, meaning that the colors remain vivid and vibrant even after years of exposure to light. Blockx pigments are also renowned for their ease of blending, allowing artists to achieve a wide range of hues and tones by mixing colors