GAMPI 13g/m² Natural

cm 50x76cm - 100% Gampi [雁皮紙] - The making of this gampi is older than 35 years.

Handmade Japanese paper. Manual drying. 4 fringed edges.

Use and support: Conservation - Restoration - Photography - Art calligraphy.

The entire sheet has a crease in the middle.


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  • Sheet Gampi ganpishi 雁皮紙 cream - 4 fringed edges.
    This Gampi comes from a bookbinding workshop. The date of its manufacture is estimated at 1985.
    Size 50cm X 76cm. (full sheet)
    This gampi is entirely made by hand and dried on wood - old manufacturing..
    The fiber of a plant close to the Gentian composes this remarkable paper. The term Gampi designates the skin of the wild goose to evoke the feeling of softness to the touch and the slightly pearly appearance on a face. It is very difficult to make 100% Gampi paper; the water-sensitive fiber is often mixed with that of Kozo (mulberry) to provide resistance during its manufacture.



Emballage soigné et envoi rapide par les-papiers-de-Lucas.

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