KUROTANI kozo bamboo 27g/m² Maximize

KUROTANI kozo bamboo 27g/m²

cm 61x91 - 100% Kozo and Japanese bamboo - Kyoto

Fully handmade Japanese paper. Natural - 27g/m2. 4 fringed edges

Medium: Restoration - Ink - Calligraphy - Lighting - Drawing.

Usage et support :Restauration du livre - Tirage alternatif photo- calligrahie - dessin - Luminaire.

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This paper is completely handmade without any use of machinery or chemicals. Warm and natural color, used for repairing works, protecting documents (photos), printing and writing.

Long fibers - 4 fringed edges. Laid and bridges spaced at 25mm.

Careful packaging guaranteed.



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