cm 97x188 - Large size 100% handmade - kozo, hemp and gampi (*)

White - Soft to the touch. homogeneous texture and color.

Used for engraving, nihonga, calligraphy, drawing, restoration.

Echizen, Iwano Heizaburou paper mill.

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117,60 €

Iwano Heizaburou is the only stationer known for its large size heavy paper for printmaking, drawing, calligraphy, and curation.

(*) Three fibers make up this paper. The structural hemp fibers provide high strength while the finer kozo fibers maintain a uniform surface. Extra fine gampi fibers provide a smooth surface with extra shine.

One of the few handmade papers especially for painting. Its light weight makes it ideal for projects with delicate and sensitive prints, with the strength to withstand professional paint coats.

Their papermaking technique is a family secret. In their factory, they draw on years of experience and their sense of touch to make high quality papers. These are by far the best large format papers produced in Japan.

The generous size of this paper makes it ideal for large scale projects, but it can also be torn into smaller sizes.

Kuisaki (meaning moisten along a thin line to separate) is a simple method of leaving fibrous edges for organic prints. The same method can be used to produce efficient glue margins for discreet joining of sheets.