HADAURA KOZO THIN 22g/m2 Blanc Maximize


cm 63x94 - 80% Kozo 20% pâte.

Papier japonais fait main - Aspect coton + fibre de bambou.

Usage et support : reliure - Art graphique - pliage et origami - luminaire - cloisons et shoji - calligraphie.


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Hadaura kozo  paper is a traditional Japanese paper made from fibers of kozo, a plant in the mulberry family. Here are the steps of its production:

Harvesting: The kozo plant bark is harvested in the autumn when the sap is concentrated in the roots and branches.

Soaking: The bark is soaked in water for several hours or days to soften it.

Boiling: The bark is boiled in water with wood ashes to remove the bark and other organic matter and to make the fibers more supple.

Washing: The fibers are then washed in clean water to remove the ashes and impurities.

Beating: The fibers are beaten with wooden mallets to separate them and make them finer and more uniform.

Sheet formation: The fibers are mixed with water to form a suspension, then spread on a bamboo screen to form sheets of paper. The sheets are then pressed to remove excess water.

Drying: The sheets are dried in the open air or in the sun.

Finishing: The sheets may be coated with starch or glue to make them stronger and more water-resistant.

The final result is a lightweight and durable paper with a unique texture that is often used for calligraphy and traditional Japanese art.





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