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Charcoal Block XL 03 Derwent®

03 - MARS VIOLET - Fusain Derwent®.

Un bloc de fusain d'artiste mélangé à des pigments utilisable à sec et soluble.

Dimension: mm 60x20x20.

Emballage soigné et expédition immédiate.


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7,90 €

Extra large blocks of Charcoal that are incredibly versatile and naturally water-soluble
Derwent XL Charcoal combines the natural qualities of charcoal with the strength and body of a chunky block. Soft meets strong; agile and bold; the good blend of rich tones and organic marks. Six colours in the range:
one natural black, four traditional drawing colours and a white.

Experiment with making marks! These blocks are really effective when used on their side, edges and corners. They feel soft and smooth and velvety, similar to a soft pastel.

As the blocks are very opaque you can layer colours over one another. You can even add water! As these charcoal blocks are watersoluble, you can create washes or even spritz to create splatters


Emballage soigné et envoi rapide par les-papiers-de-Lucas.


Livraison en France, dans l'Union européenne, en Outre-mer et dans plus de 80 pays hors UE !

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