Presse à graver de table 300 mm

Straight-pull Trident press for engraving, engraving on wood, linoleum.
Work area: cm 50x26.5. Maximum print size: mm 241x457.

Diameters Ø: upper cylinder: 74 mm, lower: 38 mm.

Cylinder length: 300 mm, passage height available with felt): 230 mm.

28 kg - White.


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Trident TRP 300 P300.

This small table press is ideal for making your A3 engravings (linocut, woodcut as well as zinc and copper engraving. It is also suitable for intaglio and etching techniques. It was designed for amateurs. and more advanced users in practice.

Supplied with printing felt.
Stainless steel roller. does not rust, easy to clean.
Ø: upper cylinder: 74 mm, lower: 38 mm Cylinder length: 300 mm, available passage height (with felt): 230 mm
Tray: mm 298x500, felt: mm 500x265x63 mm.
Maximum print size: mm 241x457.
Weight: 28kg.
White colour
Product Description: Designed for relief engraving, intaglio and etching. Moderate weight and excellent stability - easily transportable. Precise pressing force and graduated markings for easy adjustments.