A4 Unryu paper 43g/m² White Maximize

A4 Unryu paper 43g/m² White

A4 Format - 100% Kozo

Handmade Japanese paper dried on wooden panels (natural drying).

Support: Lighting - decoration - cardmaking - Mixed media.

Shoji panel and ambient lighting


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A4 Unryu paper 43g/m² White250 -10%
A4 Unryu paper 43g/m² White100 -8%

White Unryu-shi Sheet - Bright, beautiful transparency - presence of long fibers (bamboo).
43 g/m2 - 90% Kozo - Handmade. - (8.3" x 11.7").
Kozo is the fiber made from mulberry bark.

Unryu translates from Japanese as 'dragon's cloud' (Ryu - Japanese Dragon).

This paper is also suitable for lamp design.



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