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A4 Lokta Paper Mango

A4 format - 110g/m² - (8.3" x 11.7").

100% Daphne Lokta fibers with a waxed effect.

Handmade, originating from Nepal.
Usage and support: mixed media, origami, bookbinding, visual arts.

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A4 Lokta Paper Mango250 -10%
A4 Lokta Paper Mango100 -8%
A4 Lokta Paper Mango50 -6%

100% Lokta is a small shrub - the laurel from Nepal.

Handmade papers originating from the "mountains of eastern Nepal." They are crafted from the bark fiber of the lokta plant, which grows above 3000 meters in the Himalayan foothills. It's a renewable resource, and the harvesting of fibers and paper production create valuable jobs in mountainous regions. Dyeing is done in the Kathmandu Valley.

These papers are non-absorbent and can be used with a pen and ink for calligraphy, for collage, or for wrapping.

Vibrant colors, a smooth burnished surface with a waxed and leather-like effect. Slight variations in hues may be observed.


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